Support the museum

Support the Museum is an act of generosity that allows this structure to prosper, continuing with the protection and enhancement of the utensils that come from the territory of Molise, and offering public cultural activities such as exhibitions, conferences and meetings.

There are several ways to contribute to the life of the Museum: donations, contributions for the restoration and maintenance of the structure. Each support even if it’s small, is important for us.

Each contribution is considered valuable: from the simple suggestion to the more complex critics, offers of collaborative activities, until the donation of objects (related to the peasant’s art) or funds.

Suggestions and offers of cooperation can be forwarded via e-mail

Donations of objects can be delivered directly to the museum to the following address:

Via G.Pepe n. 106-108-110
Lucito (CB) 86030
Molise – Italy

or by calling the number (+39) 320.0776469.

Regarding the funds, you can contribute to the financing of the activities of the Museum using the following bank account

IBAN: IT53V0574841130510301035966

payable to Christian Agricola “Creator of the Museum”

You can specify, if you prefer, that your donation is used for a specific activity of the Museum of Lucito (teaching, research, maintenance of the structure).

We count on your generosity!

For any information, please feel free to contact the direction of the or call the number (+39) 349.4128133.

Logo Museo di Lucito

The Museum of Lucito

Protects, increases and enhances its collection and its history in order to promote and spread the discovery, the understanding, the interpretation, and the preservation of the ancient agricultural utensils in all its aspects.

The Agricultural Museum of Lucito, unique in Molise, is committed to achieve exposures of collections, events, documentation, consultation, disclosure, organize educational events and training network with other regional museums, as well as the national and the international ones.


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